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The Briefing On:
Employer Branding for Hospitals

For hospitals, employees are a key stakeholder group. Recruiting and retaining quality staff, from surgeons to cooks, to nurses to orderlies, can make a critical difference to the level of care and scope of services that a hospital can provide. A reputation as a good place to work, among current and prospective employees, and the wider community, boosts the ability of the hospital to hire the best care professionals. In this Briefing, we share articles on how communication can contribute to the success of your hospital, how to articulate the service concept of your hospital, and how to promote the launch of a new facility or clinic, and how these topics can also strengthen employer branding for hospitals.

Here's a selection of 3 topics you'll read about in our briefing on employer branding for hospitals:

What is the service concept of your hospital?

When you make your service orientation clear, everyone knows what to expect from your organization


How does communication contribute to the success of your hospital?

If you want to be heard, you have to prove that you are worth it


How to promote the launch of a new hospital facility or clinic

Start telling your story early, and share lots of information as construction proceeds

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