Free analysis 

Quickly evaluate the impact of your sustainability report

Sustainability reporting is key for the 21st century business. It’s a vital tool in differentiating your business from the competition, gaining investor confidence and better access to capital, and encouraging employee loyalty which is more and more important in the increasingly competitive search for talent.

So… Is your sustainability reporting up to the mark? Does it convey the right message? Does it convince analysts, investors and shareholders? Does it build confidence and trust among employees, customers, communities, etc.?

Let’s find out.

Living Stone has developed a tool to quickly evaluate the impact your sustainability report will have on audiences. Our Sustainability & Circular Economy marketing expert will analyze your sustainability report on a series of generally-accepted must-have criteria. The results of the analysis are presented in a clear graph, showing the effectiveness of your report in areas such as relevance, credibility, and attractiveness.

The perfect starting point in creating your new sustainability report, don’t you think?