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Branding & positioning
in the inbound marketing age

Branding today is a complex, multifaceted exercise and goes beyond selecting colors, typefaces, key messages and imagesExcelling in one specific aspect is no longer enough if you want to live up to today’s customer expectations.

Marketers need to dig deeper and create a compelling brand story that goes beyond features and benefits, and shows and proves constantly how you beat the competition in understanding the customer’s challenges and creating distinctive value for them in a rapidly changing world.


Inside the white paper

  • Branding & positioning in the inbound marketing age 
  • Why do B2B organizations need a strong brand? 
  • Benefits across the organization 
  • A balancing act: B2B branding today 
  • Key points to consider 
  • How to develop your brand 
  • Developing your brand story 
  • What’s your brand personality? 
  • The visual dimension 
  • The psychology of color 
  • Defining your positioning
  • Benchmark against your competition 
  • Developing your house style 
  • Launching your new branding & positioning 
  • Conclusions