Whitepaper: guidelines for a winning customer reference strategy

Build a winning reputation
that will help your organization to succeed

Customer Reference Programs contribute to the bottom line because they inspire existing customers, motivate future customers, support sales teams throughout the world and  create a ‘community of practice’ through which efficient organizations can make use of their customers to attain their objectives.

A winning reputation sets organizations apart from their competitors. It allows companies to attract all necessary resources to be successful. It explains why employees want to work for a particular organization, why customers buy its products, why investors buy its shares, and why the community embraces its activities.



Are you ready to launch your own program? Download our white paper and find out:

  • What internal and external groups you’ll need most for a successful program
  • Some surprising reasons why your customers will want to participate in your program
  • How participating in a reference case can move your customers up the loyalty ladderwhitepaper winning customer reference stategy.png